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London Based Underfloor Heating Engineers

At The Underfloor Heating Company London, we are specialised expert engineers in the servicing and maintenance of your existing underfloor heating system or systems. We work with many brands and can service just about any system that you require assistance with.

Underfloor Heating System Basics

Underfloor heating systems provide a more pleasant heat to either a room, such as a bathroom or a kitchen, or even an entire house. The heat radiates from the floor up, meaning that less heat is wasted and you won’t experience cold spots in your home. An added benefit to this type of flooring is that less dust and allergens will be blown throughout your home since there will be no air current produced by a radiator.

Radiators can be intrusive to a room, and they are a hazard, potentially burning or tripping people in your home. Underfloor heating systems remove this hazard completely. Lastly, underfloor heating systems are designed to be maintenance free. If your underfloor heating system is installed correctly, you can count on cosy, worry-free heating for years to come.

There are two types of underfloor heating systems to choose from. The first is a wet system in which warm water is pumped through pipes under the floor via a boiler. A wet underfloor heating system reduces water-heating costs because it uses water at a lower temperature than a radiator. The second type of system is electric, or dry. An electric underfloor heating system can consist of cables attached to a mesh mat or embedded into a continuous coil, either of which is laid out under the floor and connected to a thermostat. Both types of underfloor heating systems are wonderfully effective ways to warm a room.

Calling In The Engineers For Optimal Performance

Once you have a good underfloor heating system setup in your home or office space, then it’s just a matter of making sure it’s well maintained so that you know your getting the best efficiency possible. At The Underfloor Heating Company London, this happens to be our main specialty, so you’re in good hands. The engineers at The Underfloor Heating Company London are truly experts in their field. All of our engineers are fully qualified. They undergo weeks of training and assessment, and their performance is audited weekly. All of our engineers are registered with Gas Safe, so you can be sure you are in good hands when you work with an expert from The Underfloor Heating Company. Customer service is our priority. We also have experience with some of the best brands in underfloor heating, such as Nu-HeatThermo floor and Ecohome.

We do offer installation, but our main area is within the servicing, maintenance and repairs of your already existing setup. Once at your premises, our team will take the time to advise you on what’s needed to keep your underfloor heating system running optimally – we will also check the installation, to let you know what will work best for your type of flooring and ceiling height, and whether your property is properly insulated. You need to make sure you’re system is setup properly, so that our maintenance will have the most positive affect. Every time you receive our services, you can be confident that our experts will leave your system running at top condition. Please get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you!


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