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Heating Engineer In West London

Locally based, if you’re looking for a professional company that can help you with your heating issues, and can get to you quickly in West London, then the Underfloor Heating Company is a great choice! Despite our name, we actually do all types of heating systems, including traditional gas systems, LPG heating systems, and of course the underfloor variety of heating too, which is becoming more and more popular among our clients. There are so many reasons why you’ll want to give the Underfloor Heating Company a call to get your heating needs sorted, let’s have a look at those reasons here.

Over 40 Years of Industry Experience

Firstly, when it comes to experience, you probably want to deal with a company that has vast amounts of experience to draw upon. You want to feel confident that your job is going to be dealt with in the correct manner and that your heating system is going to be working at its best possible functionality afterwards. That’s the promise that we can make, as there’s pretty much no heating repair or service job that we haven’t worked on already over the years. Experience trumps all when it comes to this industry!

You’ll Be Working With A Friendly, Local & Professional Team

One of the big gripes that we often hear from our clients, is that the larger companies they were dealing with in the past were just super slow in responding to their issues with their heating system. Ever find yourself on the phone for more than 25 mins, or even longer, waiting for a technical support person (who’s usually located on the other side of the planet to make things even worse)?

Who has the time for that these days? We live in a fast paced world, and we don’t have time to wait on the phone for such important things, especially when the home or office is already FREEZING while we wait. This is one of the biggest advantages of working with a smaller, locally based heating engineers team. We will be able to get to your job quickly, and get your system running properly again quickly, saving you as much pain as possible.

Brand New Installations Offered

We obviously service and repair already existing systems for our clients, but apart from that we can also offer brand new installations, and this is something that our clients quite often call upon us for. Sometimes getting your current system fixed is not going to be the optimal solution, as maybe it’s too old, and already broken down too many times, and it’s simply going to be cheaper to start over with a completely new heating system.


Either that’s the case, or maybe you are a new home owner, have even just finished building your own place, or renovating a granny flat, and need to install a new system for that. Whatever the case may be, there’s definitely times when getting a new heating system is the best solution, and we’re here to help you if that’s the route you want to go down.

We Offer Low Price Entry Maintenance Plans!

If you want your system to run smoothly all year around, then you’ll want to make sure you have it regularly service and maintained. This is imperative for anyone who wants to have a reliable heating system. It’s a bit like getting your car serviced, actually it’s a very similar situation. You certainly wouldn’t keep driving your car all year without checking the basics, like oil, water levels, etc.

It’s the same thing with your heating system, whether or not it be a traditional gas system, or an underfloor heating system, all heating systems need to be well maintained, and at least checked upon periodically, otherwise you’re really risking doing some serious damage to your heating system over time, and that’s going to cost you more in the long run too. So it turns out that maintenance is a smart move for your pocket book, not only to keep your heating running smoothly.

You can find out more about the maintenance and servicing plans that we offer by clicking here.

Need Some More Serious Repair Work Done?

Sometimes, you’ll just have your heating system completely break down, and a regular service won’t be enough to get things running optimally. You’ll need some more in-depth repair work done in this case, and often special parts will be required to be replaced. Of course, this is something we’re greatly experienced in, and after looking at your heating system, we’ll quickly be able to determine how serious the problem is, and what’s needed to get things working 100% again.

To avoid serious repairs, you should make sure that you are following our common sense recommendations, and having your system regularly maintained and checked. As with many things, prevention is the best medicine here.

West London Locally Based

Whether or not you’re situated in Harrow, Ealing, Brent or Hounslow, we can get to you quickly. We have many clients already in these areas, so we’re ready to get over to you quickly and find out how we can help you with your heating problems. So without going on too much further, we recommend that you simply get in touch with us ASAP if you want us to either give you a free quote or discuss with you how we might help you.

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