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Heating Engineers In North London

underfloor-heating-manifold5If you’re after a heating engineer in the North London area specifically, then the Underfloor Heating Company can surely help you, as although our name suggests that we only deal in underfloor heating specifically, we actually work with all types of heating systems, and have been doing so for the last 40+ years in fact!

Our company aims to provide you with whatever you might need when it comes to getting your heating needs met, whether it be a brand new installation of a new heating system, serious repair work on your existing system, or simply some scheduled and regular maintenance, we can help you with every aspect of getting your home or office heating running soundly.

Also, being locally based, we are perfectly situated to help our clients based in the Northern suburbs of London. We already service many clients in this area, and can easily get to you quickly to help you with your heating needs.

We Repair & Service All Types Of Heating Systems!

No matter what type of heating system you have, we can help you to get it working 100%, whether you be in need of a simple service, or some serious repairs, we can do the job and get your system running optimally again. Also, don’t let our name put you off, despite the fact that we are called the Underfloor Heating Company, we actually service all types of heating systems, and have over 4 decades of experience doing exactly that.

Over 40 Years Experience!

To enlarge upon that aspect, the fact that we’ve been in this line of work for so long, means that our engineers are 2nd to none, and have experienced and worked with pretty much every situation there is when it comes to heating repairs, maintenance and of course installations, and difficult as your task might seem. All this means that you can be highly confident that we’ll be able to service your system and get it working again just right.

Avoid Customer Satisfaction Nightmares!

Are you sick of dealing with the customer satisfaction nightmare that can arise from dealing with these larger national (sometimes international companies) that don’t have the local expertise or friendliness that you deserve? Well as we mentioned, if you’re in the North London area, we are local to you, and so not only do we know your area, but we’re super friendly and you won’t have to wait for years listening to call waiting music in order to get someone relevant to help you with your heating. Choose to deal with a local, friendly and experienced heating company, and save yourself some serious headaches.

We Work With All Major Brands!

Whether or not you have an existing Roben heating system that needs some repair work in order to get it running optimally again, or you desire to get a brand new system such as an Allbrite underfloor heating system, we can help. We work with all the major brands in heating, and some of the smaller ones too. For a full list of all the brands that we work with, see the list displayed on our homepage here. If for some reason you have a heating system that’s by another brand or company, simply give us a call to discuss it, and in most cases it won’t be any hindrance to us working with you anyway.

We Offer Basic Maintenance And Servicing Plans

It’s really important to have your heating system regularly maintained, otherwise you increase the chances of serious repair work needing to be done later on, which inevitably will be more expensive. So it’s not only smart if you want to keep your system running more smoothly all year around, but a much cheaper option for your family or business in the long term.

Along With Serious Repair Work

Apart from our regular maintenance, which as we mentioned is pretty vital to maintaining the health and quality of your heating, we do of course do more serious repairs for customers who have a system that’s got some more fundamental issues preventing it from working either at full capacity, or entirely. This is sometimes the only option if you want to keep your existing system running, but want to avoid the costs of a brand new heating system, which can be prohibitively expensive for some.

We Service Both Domestic and Commercial Heating Clientele

Though a large majority of our work involves domestic heating installation, servicing and repair jobs, we also have a good deal of commercial heating clients too. So whichever category you find yourself in, we can help you. We also have regular maintenance plans, as mentioned, to keep your system running smoothly all year around, which is something that a lot of businesses especially value, as it’s imperative for their business success that they have excellent heating, and that it’s consistent and reliable.

Servicing All Of Northern London

No matter which area of North London you’re situated in, The Underfloor Heating Company can help you get your heating needs sorted. From Haringey to Botany Bay, Brimsdown to Hendon we service all suburbs in this area, and can get to you quickly in situations of need.


So if we sound like a good fit for you or your business, then please do make contact with us. No matter if you have any questions that you might think are overly simple, we’re here to help you, and love to give as much advice as we can to you, our potential client. So don’t hesitate, feel free to make contact with us now.

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