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The type of underfloor heating UK residents will find most beneficial, will depend entirely upon the home they reside within, and their occupancy habits. In this article, we will discuss the different types of properties found in the UK, and the lifestyles of the people that tend to inhabit them and advise on which type of underfloor heating may suit them.

Underfloor Heating UK – Urban Living

If you live in a large city such as London, then chances are you live in an apartment, townhouse, maisonette or some other form of attached property. This means you have a fairly small volume of floor space to heat, and you possibly have many small rooms split across two or more floors.

These kinds of homes are the sweet spot for electric underfloor heating installations. They are much simpler to install in smaller buildings than wet systems. They are also more suited for use in homes that are left empty most of the day, while the occupiers are at work, which is likely to be the case in an urban environment.

Electric heating provides a good balance of a cheaper cost of installation and good energy efficiency in such small properties.

Underfloor Heating UK – Suburban Comfort

Moving out so suburbia, we see more semi-detached properties. Many of which are family homes, with one or more family member at home most of the day.

For larger suburban homes, then wet underfloor heating is a great choice. It is well suited to larger rooms, and houses that need to be kept warm for extended periods.

Smaller semi-detached homes may still suit electric underfloor heating, especially if the installation of a wet system would require relaying the entire cement floor.

Best advice would be to discuss your specific property with a professional and reputable provider of underfloor heating systems so that they can help you decide whether wet or electric would be best for your home.

Underfloor Heating UK – Rural Residences

Moving out into the country, we are going to find larger detached homes. Many of which will be inhabited throughout the day by multiple residents. Wet underfloor heating is very suited to large detached properties. Although the installation cost is higher than electric systems, the large open rooms that typify large detached homes allow wet systems to deliver incredibly efficient heating.

There is a caveat though. If you live in a rural property that has been converted from an older farm building, then there may be problems with planning permission if the original building was protected. In this case, electric underfloor heating will be the simplest to install, as you will not have to apply for permission to carry out structural work to the building.

Underfloor Heating UK – Mobile Homes

As property prices have risen drastically in the last decade, then so has the popularity of temporary structures such as mobile homes. Just because a person is living in a pre-fabricated home, does not mean they cannot install underfloor heating.

The smaller floor area of a mobile home, and its non-solid floor means that electric underfloor heating is really the only choice. However, due to their small size, a mobile home does not take an awful lot of energy to keep heated, so efficiency is going to be high as long as the mobile home has been well insulated.

In reality, any small residence, even a summerhouse in the garden that is used for occasional visitors to sleep in, can benefit from a small electric underfloor heating system. They are inexpensive to install and cheap to run in such small buildings, as they heat the entire structure very efficiently.

Underfloor Heating UK – Houseboats

If you have ever walked along the canal bank in the winter, you will have undoubtedly seen many houseboats spewing smoke from their wood-burning stoves.

However, for houseboat owners that have a permanent mooring with a fixed electricity supply, then it is entirely possible to install a small electric underfloor heating system.

These are very small homes, and electric underfloor heating would be able to warm them quickly and efficiently no matter how cold the weather is.

Underfloor Heating UK – Combined Usage Premises

For people who literally “live above the shop”, underfloor heating provides them with a way to keep their commercial premises warm for their customers in the day, and their living quarters warm for themselves at night.

Either wet or electric underfloor heating would be suitable here, with the decision over which to install being driven by the overall size of the ground floor of the commercial premises. Either wet or electric underfloor heating will be suitable for the upper floor.

One thing to consider though is that accounting for a shared heating system might be a little complicated. The expense of heating the commercial premises would need to be separated from the expense of heating the residential premises.

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