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Underfloor heating, whether a wet or electric system, is expensive to install. Some of the cost can potentially be offset by purchasing your own materials and attempting a D.I.Y. installation. And whilst this is, of course, possible if you have the skillset to undertake such a project, there are a number of reasons why it is best to leave it to professionals, even though it will cost more than a self-install.

Underfloor Heating Specialists Are the Experts

No matter how many Internet guides you read, how many times you question people about how parts of an underfloor heating system work, and how many large D.I.Y. projects you have successfully tackled in the past, the specialists are the experts.

Even the smallest D.I.Y. project has the potential to turn into a problem. A large project such as ripping up the cement floors of your home and installing a water-based underfloor heating system could quickly become an expensive disaster. So, leave it to the experts who have installed underfloor heating many times before.

Underfloor Heating Specialists Are Usually Cheaper

On paper, the cost of buying the materials you need to install your own underfloor heating, and fitting them yourself, can provide a pretty hefty saving. And if everything goes perfectly and your self-installed underfloor heating works first time, and goes on working for years, then all well and good.

But how often does that really happened with a D.I.Y. project of this size, that has been undertaken by an amateur? Not often. The cost of fixing installation issues, and performing additional maintenance due to bad workmanship soon mounts up. In most cases, offsetting the increased cost of a professional installation very quickly.

Underfloor Heating Specialists Come at a Fixed Cost

The cost of D.I.Y. projects tend never to add up to the same figure that was jotted down on the back of an empty cigarette packet in the pub, when we first had the idea of installing our own underfloor heating.

Costs creep, materials end up being more expensive, or are wasted due to the need to fix a bad installation.

If you use a professional firm to install your underfloor heating instead, then you know exactly how much it will cost, and that cost is locked in, it cannot increase.

Underfloor Heating Specialists Offer a Guarantee for the Work They Do

Possibly the largest detractor with regards to installing underfloor heating yourself comes in the fact that your own work has no guarantee. What happens once you have dug up your living room floor, run the heating pipes, then re-cemented your floor and the pipes spring a leak? You have to swallow the cost of repeating the process of digging up and relaying the floor to fix the leak.

Professional underfloor heating firms guarantee the work they do for you. If something goes wrong with the installation due to a faulty install, you get it fixed for free.

Underfloor Heating Specialists Can Provide Ongoing Maintenance of Your System

Once your underfloor heating is up and running, it needs to be maintained. D.I.Y. maintenance is, of course, an option. But what happens if you don’t have the time to carry out the required maintenance regularly? What happens if you don’t have the materials on hand that you need?

On the other hand, if you let a professional company carry out regular maintenance of your underfloor heating, you can remove this headache entirely. It will probably cost a lot less as well, as your system will be kept in tip-top shape, and any potential problems can be proactively diagnosed before they happen.

Underfloor Heating Specialists Will Install a Safe System

Now, this is a huge consideration. How do you know that your underfloor heating is safe if you install it yourself? Electricity is dangerous, and water can cause a flood that could cause damage which will cost thousands of pounds to repair.

Using a professional firm to install your underfloor heating gives you peace of mind. You know that you won’t come home from work and find your ground floor flooded. Or that your young children won’t receive a nasty electric shock due to badly self-installed electric underfloor heating.

Underfloor Heating Specialists – The Only Choice

If you have read this far, and you are still considering a D.I.Y. underfloor heating system installation, then good luck. We believe that we have stated a very valid case for using a professional, reputable firm to install and maintain your wet or electric underfloor heating.

A professionally installed underfloor heating system will keep you warm through the winter months, lower your heating costs, and add value to your property. A badly botched D.I.Y. underfloor heating installation will leave you cold, out of pocket, and with a future full or repair bills. We think the only logical choice is to have a heating system installed by professionals that you can depend upon.

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