Underfloor heating monthly repair and maintenance plan near me at £18.99 per month

The #1 Choice For Underfloor Heating In South London

underfloor-heating-company4If you’re looking for a company who specializes in underfloor heating, and who is locally based in the South London area, then The Underfloor Heating Company is probably one of the best choices that you could make. With over 4 decades of experience, and a local, reliable and professional team that can help you get your underfloor heating system working at 100%. There’s several reasons why we think we’re able to make this claim, so let’s have a look at some of those reasons here:


We’re Local, Reliable, And Professional

If you want to deal with a friendly company who’s local to the South London suburbs, and who’s going to be able to get out to you quickly when the going gets tough, and you need your underfloor heating system to be working once more, then our friendly team of engineers is probably one of the safest choices that you could make.

We know how frustrating it can be to have to deal with those annoying larger companies, where you often get stuck on a customer service phone line for hours, having to wait while someone overseas tries to connect you to the right person, so you can get a heating engineer out to your location. There’s simply no need to go through all that pain and suffering, and the way to avoid it is to deal with a smaller more local company, who can get out to your location quickly. So if wasting time is one of your pet hates, then choosing the Underfloor Heating Company, is a great choice for sure.

Over 40 Years Of Heating Industry Experience

You want to work with a company who’s basically seen it all when it comes to heating repairs and servicing, and this is a good description of our team, as we have a combined 4 decades plus of experience. This means that you can feel confident that we’re going to be able to find the perfect solution to your heating needs. The fact that we now specialize in underfloor heating specifically is a reflection on our knowledge in this specific area.

We Service All Major Underfloor Heating Brands

No matter what type of brand of underfloor heating system you are interested in for your home or office building, we service and install basically all brands of underfloor heating systems. Some of the more popular and well known brands that we work with are Nu-Heat, Warm Up, and Roben. If you want to see a full list of the brands that we most commonly work with, then you can see that list on the homepage here. If for some reason the brand that you were interested in having installed is not listed, then please give us a call to see if we can help you, same deal with any brands that you may already be using with your current installation.

We Work With Both Domestic And Commercial Clients

No matter if you’re looking for underfloor heating for your home or office, we can help you in both cases. We have many clients in both areas, and are happy to work with any job no matter how small or large you might think it to be. There are no limitations on what kinds of clients we’ll usually work with, and if for some reason you think you’re a special case, then please do give us a call, and find out if we can help you.

New Underfloor Installations

If you’ve decided that you either need a replacement system for your current heating system, and so require a new underfloor heating system installation, or you’re simply starting out in a new place that doesn’t have heating already installed, then this can be an excellent option. Sometimes you may have a heating option already installed, but it’s simply not powerful enough for the space you’re trying to heat, or for some reason it just doesn’t do the job in the way you require. In these cases, a new installation is a great option, so do get in touch with us to discuss this if it’s something you are considering personally or professionally.

Repairs, No Matter How Serious It May Be!

If you have an underfloor heating system that’s usually great, but is in need of some serious repair work, then a repair job may be in order. Luckily this is something that we can help you with, as our team of engineers has a tonne of experience with this kind of work, and specializing in the underfloor heating variety of the industry means that we’re very well versed with the specific repair issues that these kinds of heating systems quite often involve.

Regular Maintenance Plans, To Save You Money

If you want to avoid what we just discussed, and make sure that your underfloor heating system is going to run smoothly all year around, especially in the colder periods, then the best way to ensure this, is to have your system regularly serviced. It’s a little like running a car, you need to make sure it’s regularly checked and serviced, which means you will avoid any more serious difficulties coming up later on. You can take a look at our servicing details page here to find out more specific details.

Choose A Local Underfloor Heating Company In South London!

Again, if you want to deal with a company who’s local to the South London suburbs, then we’re an excellent choice. You won’t find a company with more experience and qualifications specific to underfloor heating in this area. So if all the above makes us sound like a good fit for your company, then we ask you to pick up the phone and give us a call today to find out when you can get a direct visit, where we can really look at your job closely and give you a better idea of costing and timing.


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