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Underfloor Professionals In The London SW1X Postal Code!

underfloor-heating-company4With well over 40 years of industry experience, The Underfloor Heating Company based in London are experts in all things heating, and for the last several years have chosen to specialize in the specific area of Underfloor Heating to deliver one of the best services all around London and the greater surrounding area, working with clients locally in all areas including the SW1X.

We have thousands of satisfied customers at this point, and we look forward to helping you achieve whatever your goals are in installing or modifying your existing heating system.

More and more families and businesses in the UK are starting to move over to using underfloor heating as their primary heating system in their homes or offices, and it’s with good reason, as this form of heating is not only far more economical, but allows more space to be used for other things (no more of those ugly radiator heaters!), and runs silently and discretely so as you’d never even know it was there if it wasn’t so comfortable and warm.

Despite the fact that underfloor heating is a much better type of heating system over all, unfortunately as is the case with all heating systems you will run into the occasional need for repairs and maintenance to your system. Not to worry though, this is what our engineers at the Underfloor Heating Company specialize in, and we can help you bring your system back up to 100% functionality in no time at all.

Current Installations – Which System Are You Running?

Wet Systems

If you have an underfloor system currently installed that’s got issues in need of repair, it’s important to understand to know what system you are running, so we can help you make a more informed decision on what will be required to make repairs or provide maintenance to get it up and running at full capacity once more.

Many of our customers have what’s known as a “Wet” (or hydroponic) underfloor heating system. This is the type of underfloor heating system that uses underfloor piping and works together with your hot water system in order to run hot water in an even spaced manner systematically underneath your floor.

The wet variety of underfloor heating generally can be installed underneath most types of flooring, obviously baring in mind that the type of flooring that you use will impact the ability of the system to heat your home or office quickly.

Dry Systems

The other type of underfloor heating that you may have already had installed is known as “Dry” and runs solely on electrical wires, and doesn’t have the requirement of running in conjunction with your water system. This variety of underfloor heating, with it’s use of electrical wiring can be much more space efficient than the water piping wet type of installation, and therefore has the ability of saving more space and requiring less flooring height, making it advantageous for spaces in which every millimeter saved is important.

With this type of underfloor heating, cable systems and electric mats are used in the larger areas, but in smaller areas where there can be awkward uses of space, typically looser and more flexible wiring methods will be used. The systems are often more efficient than LPG based systems and so can save you money in the long term.

Affordable Maintenance Plans

underfloor-heating-manifold5One of the best ways to ensure that you are not constantly digging deep into your pockets for larger and more problematic repairs on your underfloor heating system, is to setup a regular maintenance scheme with us, to ensure regular systemic checks and analysis, which will prevent any larger issues in most cases down the line.

We offer very affordable maintenance plans, starting at only £18.99 per month, of which you can find out more about by visiting this page. All that’s required is an initial inspection so we know what kind of system you are running, and then you can sign up for our service right here on the website (at this link).

This is one of the best options as well for people who want to save time and have a more convenient way of managing the health and performance of their underfloor heating system.

Underfloor Heating Repairs In London’s SW1X

underfloor-heating-repairs-london-sw1xThe SW1X postal code in London is related to the Belgravia area, a district of West London. The Underfloor Heating Company happily services all of these locations and we’re more than happy to take your calls if you’re simply trying to find out if we’re the right company for you!

Just for some local knowledge, Belgravia is home to the famous Belgrave Square, which is claimed to be one of the grandest and largest 19th Century Squares. It was laid out in the 1820s originally, with most of the houses within the square occupied by 1840. It’s also said that many of the houses in this particular location are some of the “Grandest houses ever built in London” [Ref].

So if you are located in or around the SW1X area, and have either an existing underfloor heating system that needs repair, or are interested in discussing options for a new system, then please do make contact with us by calling this number today.

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