Underfloor heating monthly maintenance plan near me at £18.99 per month

Aside from the initial purchase of your home, home improvements are likely to be the largest bricks and mortar investments you will make. Especially in high ticket price housing areas such as London.

If you are considering replacing your old-fashioned water or oil radiators, with a more modern and cost-effective underfloor heating system, you are going to need to make sure you choose the best underfloor heating company In London, with regards to quality of work and cost.

When trying to decide which UK underfloor heating company fits your needs, then this short checklist below is worth keeping in mind:

  • Can the company do the work within your budget?
  • Does the quality of their previous work come up to the standard you expect?
  • Is the expected time for completion of the project quick enough? Or is there a long lead time?
  • What sort of guarantees does the firm give for the work they undertake? How long do these guarantees remain in effect?
  • Are they certified professionally? Are they qualified to perform gas or electrical installations (depending on which is required)?

These are some of the main consideration when seeking a reputable underfloor heating company, let’s explain why each one is important below.

Can the Company Do the Work Within Your Budget?

We have all heard nightmare stories about home improvement projects that have spiralled out of control cost wise. It can be hard to say no to a price increase for a project when the contractor tries to leverage the fact that they can (and sometimes do) walk off a job before it is completed, leaving the project in a mess. Disreputable firms use this threat to blackmail house owners into paying more.


So, it is important that when you are asking for quotes from UK underfloor heating firms, that they can firstly complete the project within your budget, and equally importantly, that they confirm in writing that there will be no price increase whilst the project is being undertaken.

Does the Quality of Their Previous Work Come Up to the Standard You Expect?

This is an important consideration and a question that can be hard to find a proper answer for. When you first approach an underfloor heating firm for a quote, they will usually provide pictures and a description of previous work if you request it. Unfortunately, like every company that is selling a product or service, they will always provide the best documentation they can which will showcase their work in the best light fashion.

Finding an impartial opinion with regards to previous work quality is going to be tough. Unless you have a friend or a family member who has already used the services of a specific UK underfloor heating firm in the past.

If you don’t have any acquaintances that have used the same firm previously, you are going to need to form your own opinion. This means taking the documents and pictures away with you, to consider them in your own time. This gives you the chance to ask the opinion of others, without feeling you are being pressured into making an on the spot decision. It is likely you know at least a few tradesmen such as painters and decorators, builders, etc. Don’t be shy about getting their opinion as well.

Is the Expected Time for Completion of the Project Quick Enough?

Just consider for a moment what happens if your underfloor heating installation takes longer than expected to complete, and winter arrives? How are you going to keep warm? The UK can get extremely cold, and facing winter months without sufficient heating is not a pleasant situation.

Therefore, you need to make sure that when you are given an estimate for your underfloor heating installation, that the completion date is well within an acceptable timeframe. Home improvement projects can overrun, so you need to make sure you build in some wiggle room into your completion date for the fact that despite best intentions, problems do arise which delay project completion.

What Sort of Guarantees Does the Firm Give for the Work They Undertake?

Every reputable UK underfloor heating firm will offer some form of guarantee. However, it is important to read the small print to find out exactly what is covered.

Some contractors attempt to limit their liability by offering parts only guarantees, which means that any repairs to the underfloor heating system due to failure could still see the homeowner presented with a bill for labour costs.

Make sure that the guarantee offered by the UK underfloor heating firm you are thinking of using offers full parts and labour cover. It is also worth asking whether the guarantee covers repairs to damage to your property if any is caused by a faulty heating system. Although this is rare, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Are they Certified Professionally?

To become a gas fitter or electrician in the UK, a person needs to be properly trained. Any company the person works for will need to be professionally certified to carry out the work they are proposing to do on your underfloor heating system.

Furthermore, there are Health and Safety Standards that need to be met during the installation, and this is something that once again, the company can be certified for.

Check these certifications before you choose a UK underfloor heating firm to carry out work in your home.

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