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If you’re looking for the best service providers in the London area then Underfloor Heating Company can help you with all your LPG boat engineering requirements. With over 40 years of industry experience, you won’t be disappointed in our service and will come back time and time again for the quality and assurance our team provide you.

Locally Based Here In London

lpg boat engineer londonThe Underfloor Heating Company has the advantage of being locally owned and based here in London, and we service most parts of London and the greater surrounding area. This means that if you ever need help quickly for your boat’s LPG system in terms of either a simple fix, or a complete system overhaul, then we will be able to get to you quickly, saving you time and heartache.

With a team of industry experts, no matter what type of current gas installation or system your boat is currently running, we’ll be able to offer you the advice on the best way forward, and quickly get things underway.

Long Term Industry Experts

As mentioned, we’ve been doing this for over 40 years, and have a tonne of experience in all things to do with gas systems, and heating, both on ship, and normal home based systems as well. As the name suggests we also specialize in Underfloor Heating systems.

All of the different areas of our expertise including; traditional gas heating systems, modern systems like underfloor heating, and work done on boats, and within both commercial and domestic settings means that we have pretty much experienced it all, and means we’ll always know what’s best in terms of making sure your system is running 100%.

LPG Gas For Your Boat Or River Vessel

It’s common for many boats and river vessels to employ the use of an LPG gas system for cooking on board. Of course it’s always important to make sure your system is running safely when using an LPG based system, but this is even more so when you have an LPG system on board your boat, as proper safety is paramount whilst on board.

Following regulations like the Boat Safety Scheme which ensures proper conduct and safety in the running of your vessel, means you are much less likely to have any safety problems down the line. After all, LPG gas systems are potentially very dangerous if anything should go wrong, so it’s important that these safety regulations are adhered to strictly, and for that reason you want to work closely with a professional to ensure nothing goes wrong, both for a new installation and an older existing system too.

We can do both installations for new LPG systems, or we can help you with your existing setup. The best thing to do is to give us a call right away on the number above so we can discuss what your needs are, and how we can best assist you.

How We Can Service Your Boat’s Gas System

There are generally two types of servicing that are done, periodical checks, and the odd servicing jobs that come up when your system does not seem to be functioning as well as it once did, or is in obvious need of repair. We recommend regular checks by a professional (whether it’s us or someone else in the end doesn’t matter, as long as you’re keeping safe).

Safety Greatly Enhanced With Modern LPG Setups

It’s common practice these days to use various measures and types of technology when installing your LPG gas system. Things like using a thermocouple device that shuts the gas supply off if the flame is extinguished, ensure a higher degree of safety, and protects you against explosions should there be an issue with the flame on your system. Other things like hose length, ensuring that sealants are NOT used on gas joints, and many other factors are all important to make sure your system is as safe as possible.

There are many other tweaks to the technology that have been advancing over the years, and making sure that your system incorporates these wherever possible is an important part of our work to provide you the highest quality service possible.

Maintenance and Repairs

If your system is already broken down or not functioning properly by the time you read this, then you will want to get that fixed right away of course, so call us immediately. Apart from that, you may be interested in signing up to one of our regular maintenance packages so that you get good value for money regular checks, and therefore the peace of mind that comes with it knowing that you’re system is setup and working correctly, with no safety issues.

Gas Safe Registered Experts

We are fully qualified and Gas Safe registered, and this means full cover for you and again making sure you get that peace of mind that only comes from working with industry registered professionals. Between that and our vast experience with not only LPG systems, but many other kinds of heating systems as well, we’ll make sure that your system is running smoothly and safely all year round.

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If you want the best quality in terms of both installation and repairs for your LPG gas system, our LPG gas engineers based in London can offer you expertise when it comes to making sure your both or river vessel is setup correctly. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you figure out the next steps.

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