Underfloor heating monthly repair and maintenance plan near me at £18.99 per month

Professional Wet, Electric Underfloor Heating Installations in London

If you’re not only looking for maintenance and servicing of your already existing setup, then The Underfloor Heating Company London can also help you by doing the full initial underfloor heating installation of any brand new wet or electric heating system that you choose. We can then offer you an excellent package to make sure your heating system is kept in peak condition with our maintenance and servicing packages.

We work with the following brands of underfloor heating systems in London and surrounding local areas:

  • Nu-Heat
  • Warm Up
  • Heat-Matt
  • Devireg
  • Uponor
  • Thermo floor
  • Ebeco
  • Invisible Heating
  • Florad
  • Floor Heating
  • Enerfoil
  • Ecohome
  • Allbrite
  • Thermo
  • Taconova
  • Roben

Alternative Assisted Installations

The Underfloor Heating Company London also provides assisted installers, meaning that you will install your system under the guidance of a professional underfloor heating installer. Customer support will be provided every step of the way, guaranteeing exceptional performance of your new heating system. A specialist gas safe engineer from The Underfloor Heating Company will travel to your home anywhere in the UK and stay for three hours, covering all the important points you need to know to properly install your underfloor heating system.

Our expert will also make available to you all the professional tools you’ll need for installation. With the help of our heating engineers, you can be sure that your thermostat or wet underfloor heating system control is situated in a safe, convenient place and that your underfloor heating system is as cost and energy efficient as possible.

Underfloor heating systems provide gentle, comfortable heating throughout your entire home. Plus they add to your property value and save you money in the long run. However, this is only true if your underfloor heating system is installed properly, which is guaranteed if your work with an engineer from The Underfloor Heating Company London. You only have one chance to get it right, so call on our experts for friendly, professional guidance. Get in touch with us today, to find out how we can assist you!

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