Quality LPG Engineers In The London Area

Apart from specializing in underfloor heating, our company are also professionals in the installation and maintenance of LPG gas systems. We can help you either install a new system or run servicing and maintenance on your existing system as required. We have over forty years of experience in this industry and our goal with every one of our clients is to make sure you’re fully satisfied and the work is done with 100% quality guaranteed.

Local And Convenient

underfloor-heating-company2One of the best things about working with the Underfloor Heating Company is that we’re a locally owned and run business, and we’re able to service pretty much all areas of London. This means that you won’t be waiting for days or even weeks while your job is passed down through the network of some of the larger companies. We’re proud to be able to provide that quality local service, and ensure that our customers always feel that we’re on hand to help them when needed.

LPG Gas System Experts At Your Fingertips

Our team of engineers has seen it all, with the accumulative expertise of over 40 years working closely with LPG gas systems not only within the London Shire, but all around the United Kingdom, there is no job or task related to LPG that we can’t assist you with to get a satisfactory result. Whether you just need a simple fix that takes just a few minutes, or you need an entire system overhaul and re-installation, we’ve got the knowledge and experience to make it happen for you quickly, so you can get back on with things as per usual.

LPG Gas heating systems can differ greatly from their electronic cousins, and for this reason it’s important to work with professionals who really understand this technology, the risks, and the subtle nuisances of working with these types of heating systems.

The Advantage Of Choosing LPG

If you’re still not aware of the benefits of choosing LPG gas as a heating source over the alternatives like wood, then let’s quickly discuss those here so you’re brought up to speed. LPG Gas is not only better for the environment, but it also provides the following advantages over using wood fuel as your heating source:

  • Easier transport via pipelines.
  • Far less labour to create LPG than wood once the systems are in place
  • No storage required in or around your home/office
  • Often cheaper than wood as a fuel source
  • Burns more cleanly than wood
  • Much less cleaning required

So it’s clear from all these different advantages that you’d be wise to choose an LPG gas system over wood. LPG is a great modern fuel source, and alleviates many of the issues that arise from using wood, coal or other sources.

Work With Long Term Experts

As above, we’ve been doing this for over 40 years now, so when you choose to work with The Underfloor Heating Company, you will be getting the expertise and vast knowledge of our superior local engineers. We also greatly value working closely to build relationships with our customers so we know exactly what you are looking for, and we can service your needs as well as possible.

Locally based, friendly and most of all EXPERIENCED, that’s the basis of the quality of service that we are trying to offer here at our company, and I’m sure if you were to ask any of our current customers, you’d find that we stick to those principles and provide a great service.

The Importance Of Working With Gas Safe Pros

If you’re not aware, all tradesmen and women working in the heating industry our required to be Gas Safe Registered. Our company’s engineers are all fully registered with Gas Safe, and for that reason you can be rest assured that you’re working with fully qualified LPG engineers when you choose to work with the Underfloor Heating Company.

Working with any tradesmen that do not have this qualification has the possibility of ending in disaster, and this is even moreso the case when getting an LPG gas system installed or serviced. It’s simply not worth the risk of working with an unregistered person, no matter how good they may be.

Servicing And Maintenance Plans

Not only do we do all the usual installations and repairs for your existing system, but we can also setup a maintenance plan with you, so that you’ll always be ensured of your system running safely via regular checks each year. It’s important that you get regular maintenance on your setup, for not only safety, but the efficient operation of your heating system. Check out the servicing page to find out more about that particular aspect of our work.

Pick Up The Phone And We’ll Help You Decide

If you’re still not really sure if we’re the right service provider for you and getting your LPG gas system running 100%, then please don’t hesitate to simply pick up the phone and give us a call now. We’re always happy to see how we can help over the phone, and see if our services might be the right fit for your particular job.

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