Underfloor heating monthly repair and maintenance plan near me at £18.99 per month

Commercial Heating In London

Those searching for commercial heating installation, servicing or repairs are in luck, as we here at the Underfloor Heating Company can provide you with a professional service, always friendly and found locally in your area. We service both all areas of London itself and surrounding areas too. We have a LOT of experience in the industry, amounting to over 4 decades in fact, so we’ve got all the experience needed to help you get your job done with 100% satisfaction.

Experienced Heating Service Providers Here

As mentioned, we have over 40 years of experience in the industry, and despite the name this is not just with Underfloor heating alone, but in all areas of heating and gas system maintenance too. So we really know the ins and outs of the trade, and no matter what your challenge is, we’re confident that we can help you.

We always try to deliver an extremely high level of quality to our customers, and we believe this is one of the reasons that we’ve managed to build our business to the success we have. The word spreads, and many of our customers are either repeat clients or they are referred on from previous or current happy clients.

We Can Repair Your Current Heating

If you have an issue with your current heating system that means you are in need of repair work, then this is one of our specialties. No matter what make or model that you’re currently running with, we can indeed help. Usually if you’ve had a fairly good level of standard maintenance (something we also offer, which we’ll discuss in a moment) then your system won’t be too badly broken down and the repair work shouldn’t be too major. That being said, if you do have major repair work that needs to be done, then we can also help you with that as well.

Maintenance Plans At A Very Competitive Price

As we briefly mentioned we also provide maintenance plans. This is something that we’re proud to be able to offer at very competitive pricing. We feel that it’s important for our customers to be able to have access to an ongoing maintenance service, without breaking the bank.

It’s so important for the future health of your heating system that you have it regularly checked and maintained, and doing so will ensure that you don’t spend too much cash on repair work later on. A well maintained system not only runs more smoothly, more reliably and more efficiently, but it’s far more likely to last you many many years into the future, as opposed to a system that ‘s not well maintained.

Our 40 Years Of Experience Is Worth Every Penny

As we said, we have more than four decades of industry experience in all areas of heating, and so there is not much that we haven’t already seen and done when it comes to the installation, repair and maintenance of all different kinds of heating systems. Obviously we also work with domestic clients as well, but a decent proportion of our contracts come from commercial or business enterprises, which means you’re in good hands in terms of dealing with a company that has a load of experience dealing with such jobs and clients.

As far as the type of heating system that you’re looking into for either a brand new installation or the repair of an existing system, we’ve worked with pretty much all the main brands. Just to mention a few of the brands that we work with regularly, we could include; Florad, Roben, Allbrite, and Devireg. You can see all the most popular brands of heating system that we work with here on our homepage.

If you are currently looking for repair work for your commercial heating system, we’re happy to have a look at your job and find out what the best requirements are, and what would be the best solution for you. That being said, sometimes are clients may not realize until we’ve spoken with them, but they would actually be better off to reinstall a new heating system, as the repair work may just be too extensive and therefore too costly for it to make sense to try and repair instead of just starting afresh.

Direct Friendly Service, And Locally Based!

You are quite likely familiar with what it’s quite often like to deal with some of the bigger companies when you’re trying to get a local commercial job looked at. Often it can be a nightmare, and you end up wasting a LOT of time trying to get through to someone. No one likes holding their phone for 45 minutes listening to elevator music, so we pride ourselves on the fact that we can provide a friendly and LOCAL service to our London based customers and those in the surrounding area.

There’s no need to put up with the indirect and sometimes unfriendly customer service of some of the larger companies, simply give us a call and you’ll realize you’re dealing with a company that really cares, and can quickly get out to visit you and find out more about your job.

Be Smart, Call The Underfloor Heating Company!

You’ve obviously read this far, which means you’re interested in what we have to say and how we might be able to help you get your commercial heating system working 100%, or how you can look into getting a new system setup that’s perfect for your company’s needs.

Well, pick up the phone and give us a call, we can only help you even more by speaking to you directly and finding out the specifics of your job requirements. We’re happy to chat with you, and see if we’re a good fit right now, so just pick up the phone and call us!

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